Are the internships paid?

Payment is at the discretion of each company and will depend on each company’s individual budget. We prefer that the internships be paid. The Mollohan Foundation does not provide funding for internship programs.

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How many hours does an intern have to work?

It is up to the individual company to set the number of hours an intern will work. Either part time or full time is acceptable. Again, make sure the intern and their supervisor are aware of the time commitment in the beginning so there are no misunderstandings later.

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What careers do you cater to for interns?

We primarily cater to careers in the high-tech sector. When we select the winners of our High Technology Scholarship, we look for students who are majoring in computer science, software engineering, biometrics, physics, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, biology, chemistry, and mathematics. However, because we offer other scholarships that are not necessarily high-tech related, […]

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How are interns placed in a company?

Students fill out an internship request form in the winter/spring prior to the month of May. These forms are accompanied by a resume. The Program Manager of the Mollohan Foundation will sort through these applications and forward their resume and application to companies that might be good matches for both the candidate and […]

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What is the purpose of this program?

The purpose of our internship program is to bring a supply of native talent to sectors of the business community that are trying to grow to support and diversify the economy of West Virginia. By linking bright, young West Virginians together with companies in north central West Virginia, we are […]

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