Shaun McGary talks about his Internship Experience!

This year, one of our scholarship winners, Shaun McGary, worked as an intern for Exdel Services, LLC at Technology Park in Fairmont, WV! Shaun currently attends Fairmont State University and recently talked to us about his experience with Exdel.

Mollohan Foundation: How was your experience working with Exdel Services, LLC?

Shaun McGary: My experience was great! I learned a lot and my boss really took the time to teach me.

MF: How did this internship help prepare you for the future?

SM: It helped me because I was able to become used to an office environment and, with my boss as a reference, it will help me in the future when I’m looking for a career.

MF: What are some of the things you learned while working for this company?

SM: I learned how to use and manage accounts in Quickbooks and also how to write invoices, purchase orders, and write up expense reports.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Shaun! Are you looking for an internship? Start by signing up for a Mollohan Scholarship. It’s as easy as going to the “Scholarships” tab under “Student Programs” and applying online today! If you’re already a Mollohan scholarship winner, keep up with The Mollohan Foundation’s social media sites to stay updated about available internships!

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