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Community Outreach

The Robert H. Mollohan Family Charitable Foundation, Inc. was founded for and has the primary goal of supporting and conducting educational, environmental preservation, community benefit, and social welfare activities in West Virginia. Grants are made available to nonprofit organizations that combat community deterioration and promote education, community development, and environmental preservation.

For more information on the Community Grant Program, you can email us directly at, or call us at (304) 333-6783.

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Community Grant Program

Can I discuss my grant proposal before it is submitted? 2016-12-09T15:06:16-04:00

Yes. If you would like to discuss your grant proposal before submission, please contact our office by email at or by phone at (304) 333-6783.

Are there any projects that the Mollohan Foundation will not support? 2016-11-03T14:38:06-04:00

The Mollohan Foundation does not provide funding for “bricks and mortar” projects, i.e. we do not provide money for construction or renovation projects. Likewise, the Mollohan Foundation does not provide grants for general operating budgets, salaries, or overhead expenses. The Foundation also does not support annual campaign or general fundraisers.

Can I apply for the grant more than once? 2016-11-03T14:38:10-04:00

Yes, but please be aware that the Foundation rarely awards funds to the same project twice.

When I submit my grant application, what documentation do I need to include? 2016-11-03T14:38:14-04:00

Once you decide to apply for a grant through our Foundation, you should fill out the grant application. Along with the grant application, you should provide us with information about your organization and the program you are requesting funding for. You will want to include the organization’s primary mission and purpose, a brief history of the organization, current goals and budget information (please include detailed program budget information along with any organization budgets), why funding is needed and how it will be used. It is to your advantage to be as specific as possible.

Can I split my award over several years? 2016-11-03T14:38:19-04:00

Yes, under certain circumstances, the Foundation would be willing to entertain this idea if it is in the best interest of the Foundation and the program/project being funded.

Does my organization have to be a 501(c) 3 to be eligible for a grant? 2016-11-03T14:38:28-04:00

Although it is not mandatory, the Foundation does prefer organizations that have nonprofit status. The Committee on Community Outreach will consider this issue on a case-by-case basis.

How much money is available through the Community Outreach Program? 2016-11-03T14:38:32-04:00

The Mollohan Foundation offers grants up to $5000. There are occasions when additional funding is granted, but it is rare.

What types of organizations does the Mollohan Foundation support? 2016-11-03T14:38:37-04:00

The Foundation typically funds small, community-based organizations that support educational, cultural, or scientific projects and activities. It looks for organizations that provide a needed service in their community and have a demonstrated record of success.